Sunday, 18 March 2018

Conscious Comprehension (summarization update)

The conscious experience of any particular thing (or circumstances), is by means of a combination of simultaneous memories being accessed. If the combination involves memories of the conscious object, in addition to the concepts of how that object interacts within its circumstances, the result is a conscious experience of that object. This causes an “aware” connection between the object and its presence.

The complex combination of related and relevant components, is what causes the significant result of consciousness. The inter-workings of a combination of many smaller components, creates something greater and more significant than the sum of its parts. That concept is observed to occur in many other circumstances in this universe (construction by smaller parts), so when considering consciousness, why think otherwise?

The specialty of humans, is the ability to further dissect memories (enabling more specific parts a memory to be referenced), and label memories with language (enabling more effective and precise reference of more memories). These abilities allow access to all the components of memories, which are required to understand the interaction or cause and effect, of that which the person is being conscious of. When a person accesses components of memories, which are relative to the interaction of a particular object, then they obtain a conscious experience of that thing (or things or concept(s)). This combination occurs as brain activity, because the neural activity regularly accesses a memory (coded as neurons), then related memories via commonly used neural pathways. These related memories commonly being accessed, results in the required combination, in the right circumstances.

So, if to be conscious, the required combination of components, is memory of a factor, plus memory of that factors interaction within its circumstances, then;
[Consciousness], = [memory of Factor] + [memory of Interaction of factor].
C = F + I

For eg. Bob is conscious of a squirrel on his lawn.
C = Bob being conscious
F = memory of the squirrel
I = memories of concepts of how that squirrel relates to its circumstances, such as:
the lawn which it is on, it being alive, being an animal, being brown, living on Earth, having a mind, its behavior, its motivations, its senses, the weather elements affecting it, etc.

So, when Bob has memories of the squirrel (F) + relative concepts (I), in his mind, at the same time, this combination of memories = Consciousness (C) of the squirrel.

If, C = self-consciousness
F = yourself
I = concepts relative to your self existence

If, C = General Consciousness (the more generalized feeling or sense of overall consciousness)
F = multiple factors in your current surroundings
I = concepts of how those various factors interact with each other and with additional related concepts

General consciousness feels more significant, because there are multiple factors, and more factors which are significant to the present situation. Whether memories of the factors, or concepts related to the interaction of factors, in general, the amount of memories, causes the amount of consciousness. More Concepts, More Conscious.

Consciousness involving active sensory perception, is more vivid because the factors of which the person is conscious of, are continuously being recorded as memories. With this active sensory input, the memories (of the factor) are continuously, immediately being accessed. The memories being accessed so quickly, causes accuracy and vividity.

From the occurrence of many insignificant, but related components, comes the construction of a few, but significant combinations.



  1. Tyler, as i read your vision i decided to share mine on the topic. I read three lectures of the series 'Anthropology for social activists'. Here is a video of the third one:, with my notes and illustrations for the lecture.
    The fourth and the last one will take place next week, April 7 at the seminar room of the Grand River Stanley Park Library located at 175 Indian Road, Kitchener.
    In this last lecture i am planning to go through my whole vision of human mind, speech consciousness, and social works in a very compact way. There might be couple more guys present, and we'll have some time to discuss the whole thing on the spot.
    The lecture starts at 9:45 till 12: 45, after which there is at least one more hour to chat. The event is extremely casual, and i do it at the library to discipline myself and motivate to be more consise and pragmatic. Please see this comment as your personal invitation to the lecture and a chat after.

  2. Thanks for the invite. I'll check out that video, and consider going (although I may be busy at that time).

  3. Tyler, the last lecture of the series took place. Here you will find both the video and the lecture plan.

  4. Tyler,

    I read your blog. I do understand what you are saying.

    The biggest problem in the world today is mental illness.

    It is difficult to find someone who is not mentally ill to some “degree” with some “type” of mental illness. It is all a matter of type and degree.

    The thing is that there are no two cases alike, although there can be similarities.

    Another thing is that the majority of people are not even aware of the fact, that they are mentally ill. Or are in extreme denial. And if you mention the term or subject to them, many or most will laugh in your face, or shun you, or scoff at you, or sneer at you, or look at you as if you are crazy and they are not,, or they are not mentally ill, and you are,, or look down at you, or what ever, or even boil over, or run in the opposite direction. Or want to attack you or throw stones at you. :)

    (Those are all sure and definite signs of insanity. It is a constructed superiority complex, to cover up an inferiority complex.)

    (((((I conceitedly and facetiously say, with "tongue in cheek":::::

    We are all mentally ill. But I am the only one who is intelligent enough to realize that I mentally ill, and honest enough to admit it, and intelligent enough to do something about it. :) ))))

    Another thing is that good therapy is extremely rare.

    This subject and the mass understanding of it, and the development of therapy is still in it's infancy, in a way. There are lots of theories, therapies and therapists out there, but in my experience, it is mostly garbage. And the practitioners “out there”, are only intelligent enough to argue to defend their ignorance and stupidity, and their right to be that way.

    Even though there have been 50,0000 years of thinking men, who have investigated and studied this subject, to find answers or solutions to the problems of the mind and spirit, the subject is still in it's infancy.

    I myself have spent about 45 yrs studying and researching this subject. I spent the first 27 wondering around in the dark, so to speak. All I learned in those first 27 was what did not work, and what not to do.

    This subject is so complex that is impossible for one person to do all the study, investigation, and research and figure it all out and develop an effective therapy to cure it, in one lifetime.

    It takes hundreds of great minds, a life time of hard work to do the job. Often with each one, capitalizing on all the work of all those who came before them, and standing on their shoulders and seeing further.

    End of part one.

  5. Part two:

    In my opinion, I think all the discoveries have now been made. And therapies have been developed.

    But it is not in one place yet. And not all written down.

    It is scattered in pieces here and there and with many different people, all through out history, and all over the world.

    And if you want to find the solution to the problems of the mind, it is not wise to try and reinvent the wheel.

    The "wheel" has been invented, so to speak. In my opinion, all, or at least enough of the work has been done, as I said.

    So, today, the intelligent or wise thing to do, if you want to understand consciousness and the problems of the mind, and find solutions to the problems of the mind and spirit, is to read and study and learn everything you can from all the great minds who have come before you.

    Pretty much everything there is that has been done on this subject, is already written in books or is on line. Or at least enough of it is. It is there for your taking. And most of it is free. The advantage you have, is that by reading the books or taking the courses of the great minds that came before you, is that in a few months or yrs in some cases, you can learn everything that that great mind took a lifetime to do.

    Now that being said, there is so much out there, and so much of it is nonsense, or garbage, or a waste of time, that if you were just to go out there (uninformed or unguided) and try and read everything to find the answers you need, it would likely take you several life times of hard work to do so. Unless you were a speed reader, and had full comprehension and retention of what you read. Or be a photographic reader, with photographic memory and permanent memory. And there are people like that out there, but they are scarce. Most of us fall far short of that ideal condition.

    And if your brain was in that good of a condition, you would likely not think you need help.

    If you really want to take the shortest and most effective route to find the knowledge necessary to understand the problems of the mind and solutions to the problems of the mind, ask me, and I will only be too glad to help you.

    I will gladly give you a list of resources to read, and study.

    The difference is similar to hiring a guide, if you are going to travel or investigate a new country, full of dangerous jungle and bad terrain and hungry wild animals, if someone already knows it like the back of their hand.

    Or trying to reinvent the modern car, by putting your head in the sand, with blinders on, and ignoring all the work that has already been done, and begin with trying to invent a wheel, then the chariot, then the carriage for a horse, then invent a motor and put it in a car like the first “car inventors” did, etc, and do all the improvements that have been done by all the car makers since car making began up until today.

    If you prefer to do that, then I wish you good luck. :)

    End of part two.

    And last part.

    1. I think I would mostly agree that nearly all people have some degree of mental illness, but that depends on the definition of "mental Illness". Typically, I would consider that to be too severe of a term to describe a high percentage of the population, since I consider the term "ill" to describe sort of an ongoing (but potentially temporary) hindrance to the usual health. And if we are considering a high percentage of the population, then that would be the "usual health". So common deficiencies of mental effectiveness, would be the "usual health", and therefore those common deficiencies would not be suited for the typical term of "ill".

      But, I suppose I'm just arguing the technicality of the terminology, and do agree that most or all people have mental deficiencies, compared to the potential effectiveness.

      I think "consciousness" and "mental illness" are 2 separate topics though. Granted, a lot of mental deficiencies could potentially be understood as a result of consciousness being understood, but I think working out those deficiencies, is kind of a separate step.

      You mentioned reinventing the wheel, which I suppose may be somewhat similar to some aspects of my theories, but I think its more like I've tried to reinvent some parts of the wheel. If the wheel is "consciousness", then it hasn't been invented yet, as far as I know. Consciousness supposedly remains one of the worlds great unexplained mysteries..
      So, since the wheel apparently hasn't been invented yet, I'm trying to make my estimate of how to invent it.

      I have been trying to learn from what others have figured out so far though. I've been watching science, philosophy, and documentary videos nearly every day for probably a year or 2 now.
      Frankly, I find it difficult to tolerate much reading, as it seems much slower, less entertaining, and likely less memorable. Some pages or paragraphs are fine for reading, but an entire book, just seems too daunting (and inefficient). If you have suggestions for videos or short readings of something relevant, I would check it out.

      As for "reinventing" components, as I admit I sort of do for some parts, I usually still compare the components with those that have already been invented. So as "reinvented components; I previously theorized mental functions, such as subconscious mind-sets, conditioning etc. but then afterwards learned what common knowledge is, to compare.

      I think I just find it very difficult to trust anyone elses knowledge, right from the start. I've grown up learning that, thinking for myself is often so much more proficient than going by common method. I suppose common method has proven so fallable to me, that I question everything, and trust very little.

  6. 1. RE: Mental illness:

    Yes, you are correct on that point. I usually clarify my self on that point, and explain that any mental defect, or deficiency or aberration is a type of mental illness. That is on one hand. Or that is only to use mainstream terminology.

    Furthermore, or on the other hand: I usually explain that there is really no such thing as mental illness.

    That term was constructed by mainstream psychology, which (that is main stream psychology) is garbage.

    Mental illness or a mental defect, or a mental deficiency is really post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Or the result, the effect, of some type of damage to the mind, brain or body.

    But I skipped that part, for expediency, when writing that.

    2. RE: Consciousness has evidently not been discovered by you yet. But consciousness has been discovered or in better terminology; has been figured out and understood by lots of people, and has been for a long time, for many decades or more.

    I would say getting close to a hundred years, or maybe even a lot more. Depends how you define it or look at it, or understand it?

    I have experienced full consciousness and more (the kingdom of heaven), a couple of times.

    3. RE: reading and learning:

    Tyler: You are just arguing to defend your own shortcomings, your own disabilities, your own ignorance,your own stupidity, and your right to be that way. That is utter foolishness.

    The purpose of life, is to identify every problem you have, and fix it perfectly.

    The purpose of life is to maximize your full potential.

    That is the meaning of: Be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

    As well as: You must be born again. That means that if you do not like your self the way you are, or if there is something wrong with you, you must fix it. (The reason "born again" was used is because they had no other words in those days.

    Psalm 82:6 King James Version (KJV):

    6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

    John 10:34-38 King James Version (KJV)

    34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

    35 If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;

    36 Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?

    37 If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not.

    38 But if I do, though ye believe not me, believe the works: that ye may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him.

    End of part one.

  7. Part two

    Q: What is the one reason why anyone fails in anything?

    A: Hosea 4: 6:
    My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.

    In other words:

    People fail in any endeavor for only one reason, and that is for the lack of the right knowledge to solve the problem at hand.

    Identify the problem correctly. Find out the right why? Find out (identify) the right cause of the problem, and find the right knowledge, the right answer and fix the problem perfectly.

    Study to show thyself approved before God.

    2 Timothy 2:15 King James Version (KJV)

    15 Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing/parsing/ (explaining) the word of truth.

    Gain the right knowledge, wisdom and understanding and they will be as a crown of glory for you by day and a guiding light by night.

    Seek the truth in all things and it shall be as a crown of glory for you by day and a guiding light by night.

    Q: What is truth?

    A: The truth is nothing more or less than the right knowledge, the right answer to any problem.

    Seek the truth in all things and the truth will set you free from the bondage, the trap of your problems.

    The truth is out there, but it is hidden and protected by many layers of lies, falsehoods, deceptions and traps, to protect it from fools, swine, and prostitutes.

    The universe (God) does not throw it's pearls in front of swine, or throw what is holy before dogs.

    There is nothing new under the sun.

    Every subject has a truth, many partial truths, many sometimes truths, many almost truths, many conditional truths, many falsehoods (false truths), and many lies. For everything genuine there is a perfect counterfeit.

    But only the real truth, the full truth, will solve your problems perfectly.
    The worst lies are the ones that are almost true. (Or the ones that sugar coated.) The more truth that is added on to a cognitive construct, (a fabrication) the more the truth acts as a glue to hold the embedded lie, in place, which is then often argued and defended to death.

    Before you begin seeking the truth:

    Ask that empty space in front of you to teach you the truth in all things. Ask it to guide you, ask it to open your eyes and your mind, to be able to recognize the truth when you do come across it? That Empty Space is alive and well, and all knowing. Ask non ceasingly. When you are ready, your teacher will appear.

    End of part two.
    And last part.


    Boy, this is a very aberrated platform to write on. There are so many things wrong with it. More than enough to drive a person mad. :)

    1. 2. If consciousness has been figured out and understood by so many for so long, then why is there no commonly excepted explanation of it? There is no well known explanation of its function, that I've come across going through a lot of common knowledge.
      Do you have any links, evidence etc. of explanations of consciousness? (mainly the explained function)

      What do you mean by "full consciousness"?
      I have theorized before about what I would consider "full consciousness", and it would include knowledge of basically every particle in the universe. I'm guessing you mean something different though?

      I explained logical reasoning of my preferred methods of learning. Then you seem to make an assumption of my perspective, and state that it's defensive of ignorance and stupidity, without stating reasoning for this assumption, and without stating any counter reasoning to my points. From my perspective that seems hypocritical, because it seems like you are doing what you claim is a problem with someone else.
      I would say it could be defensive and ignorant from your perspective, because you are ignoring the logical reasoning.

      There is potential that my reasons were defensive excuses, but I see no reasoning to come to that conclusion, and I see no counter rationalization to my initial reasoning. I like to think I am willing to fix faults in myself, but to gauge faults in the 1st place, there should be reasoning. Otherwise anyone can just say anything is a fault of anyone...

      I think counter-reasoning is a main part of why I'm trying to get feedback on this original post in the 1st place. To see what counter- reasoning or evidence, there is against this theory.

      A lot of this is getting off topic though, and this comments section is intended and perhaps more suitable for related or shorter comments (as you mentioned, problems with the platform). But, I'd be fine with continuing side-topic discussions though email, or a forum, or some other practical platform.